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Headlines around the world: PIRLS (2016) Results

At the beginning of December, we scanned the headlines around the world to explore PISA’s results around collaborative problem solving. As we have done in similar posts, we offered a number of headlines from around the world that analyzed the recently released PISA results. Following up on that report, we set to once more scanning headlines for the recently released Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) results. Where the general response to the release of the collaborative problem-solving PISA scores was positive, responses to PIRLS varied a great deal. Headlines in the U.S. and South Africa highlighted problematic results. Newspapers in places like the UK and Ireland praised improvements and touted gains.

Source: TIMMS and PIRLS International Study Center, Boston College


Below are some highlights from around the world:


Counterpoints—December 14, 2017

Vous Nous Ils—December 14, 2017

Telegraph—December 5, 2017



Aol, UK News—December 14, 2017

The Guardian—December 7, 2017

Schools Week—December 5, 2017



EU Scoop—December 5, 2017



Cato Institute—December 7, 2017


Ed Week—December 5, 2017

US News and World Report—December 5, 2017



Emirates—December 11, 2017


South Africa

News 24—December 6, 2017

Business Live—December 6, 2017

Herald Live—December 13, 2017

Politics Web—December 8, 2017