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Education reform puts Spain, Catalonia on collision course

The Hurriyet Daily News (December 7, 2012)

Irene Rigau EFE

Irene Rigau EFE

Education reforms and austerity measures in Spain have caused tension and separatist sentiments in the Catalonian region. At issue is the issue of teaching the Catalan language in schools. Jose Ignacio Wert (Spain’s National Education Minister) proposed that all schools focus on teaching the Spanish language in all regions, effectively removing the requirement that students in Catalonia speak Catalan in university. He also proposed that the region should fund Spanish-language private schooling for families that demanded it. Defenders of the current system, such as Irene Rigau (Catalonia regional education counselor) view the plan as an assault on cultural identity, while Wert insisted “there is no part of the reform that undervalues the importance of Catalan.”

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Education takes a dramatic new course
Hall, B.  The Age (10 July 2012)

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) announced that all schools would be required to enroll in dance, drama, media arts, music and the visual arts until year 10 under a draft new national curriculum released yesterday.  However, schools would have some discretion as to how they teach them.  In conjunction with the announcement, the Education Minister, Peter Garrett, said “making the arts a key part of the new national curriculum would have ‘huge’ positive impacts for students.”  For instance, teaching such subjects inspires creativity, encourages young people to think critically, boosts self-esteem, aids the development of their sense of identity and can provide great benefits for learning in other core areas.