A class schedule in Finland

While we are in Finland over the next two weeks, our children will be in a ”practice school” in Helsinki. The school is similar to other schools in Finland, but it is associated with the University of Helsinki’s teacher education program and student teachers are placed there.

Our 9 year-old’s teacher shared with us what her schedule will be this week (Mon-Fri):


kello MA TI KE TO PE
8.00-8.45       gym  
9.00-9.45 French  gym class crafts  
9.45-10.30 class French music crafts class
11.15-12 Englishlesson class class music English
12.00-12.45 class class class class class
13.15-14.00     class    


Most other times of the year, the students would have 23 hours a week of school, but the teacher told us that this week there will be 2 hours less because of “theatre, musical, and movie visits.” On Wednesday, they will also be going fishing!

–Thomas Hatch


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