Teacher shortages (Part 2)? Scanning the headlines from around the world

Teacher shortages are in the news around the world, not just in the US. This week we share Part 2 of the teacher shortage related stories that we encountered during our annual scan of back-to-school headlines. This week’s review draws together headlines from a variety of countries and continents. Last week, Part 1 (“Are students going back to school without teachers? Scanning the headlines on the “teacher shortage” in the US“) focused on articles from the US.


Australian education ministers agree to draft national plan to combat teacher shortages, The Guardian

Plans to raise teacher salaries to $130,000 a year to stop sector hemorrhage, 9 News

Short versus long-term solutions to the teaching shortage crisis, School News Australia


Despite teacher shortages, some new grads still face roadblocks getting into classrooms, CBC News

“Ongoing teacher shortage ‘a significant crisis for the country,’ says British Columbia education dean”


France to fast-track training of school teachers to fill 4,000 vacancies, rfi

“More than 4,000 teaching jobs have yet to be filled just over a week before some 12 million French pupils go back to school.”

Hong Kong

Teacher exodus creates shortage as Hong Kong schools scramble to hire experienced staff, fresh graduates, YP

Record number of teachers resigned over past two years, in wake of 2019 social unrest


Retired teachers to be employed to fill shortage, Jamaica Observer

“The Ministry of Finance and the Public Service has granted approval for retired teachers and those who are on long-leave to fill areas of specialization where schools are not able to find adequate replacements.”


Four-day school week: some Dutch schools cut classes due to teacher shortage, Dutch Review

New Zealand

Thanks For The Bandaid, But Where’s The Actual Cure For Our Teaching Workforce?, Scoop


Government works to appoint some 80,000 teachers in Peru, Andina

Poland and Hungary

Teacher shortages grow worrisome in Poland and Hungary, The Associated Press

“Black-clad teachers in Budapest carried black umbrellas to protest stagnant wages and heavy workloads on the first day of school Thursday. Teachers’ union PSZ said young teachers earn a ‘humiliating’ monthly after-tax salary of just 500 euros (dollars) that has prompted many to walk away.”


Colleges in England struggle to find teachers for critical skills subjects, Financial Times

Secondary schools face 6,000 trainee teacher shortfall, Schools Week


Pay pushes Venezuelan teachers to protest, consider quitting, Independent

Public school teachers across Venezuela had planned to use their annual vacation bonus to buy uniforms for their children, waterproof leaky roofs and get new prescription glasses

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