New Model for Teachers’ Professional Development
Keat, H.S. Ministry of Education (31 May 2012)

Minister of Education Heng Swee Keat launched a new Teacher Growth Model (TGM), one which aims at encouraging Singaporean teachers to engage in continual learning and take ownership of their professional growth and personal well-being. The TGM recognizes that Singaporean teachers in the 21st century will pursue diverse modes of learning, similar to how they would design such opportunities for their own students. To reflect on the multifaceted nature of their work and their learning, the TGM presents a holistic portrait of the 21st century Singapore teacher with five desired outcomes: 1) creating ethical educators; 2) creating “competent professional who continues to develop new knowledge, skills and dispositions to lead, care, and inspire”; 3) creating “collaborative learner[s] who actively engages in professional conversations to learn from his peers and from experts”; 4) creating transformational leaders; and 5) creating “community builder who [understand] Singapore’s unique context and appreciates local and global issues.”

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