Return of the O-Level: Gove announces radical plan to scrap GCSEs ‘to ensure UK has a world-class education system’ but  lack of consultation angers Lib Dems  
Shipman, T.  The Daily Mail (21 June 2012)

A leaked document from the Ministry of Education indicates that Education Minister Michael Gove wants to reform the examination system to return to a two tiered approach that Margaret Thatcher’s conservative government abolished over 30 years ago.  The so-called right wing media has depicted the British education system as failing, although criticism about the state of the education system has surfaced from all sides in light of the leaked document — from within the Conservative Party as well as from Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Coalition.  (Clegg said Gove’s proposal would “turn the clock back” to the 1950s.)  Those opposed to the two tiered examination system argue that this system would contribute further to educational inequality, halting social mobility amongst the nation’s poorest children.

The following video summarizes Clegg’s opposition to Gove’s proposal:

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