The Buenos Aires government will extend its school year as a result of the many schools that have been overtaken by demonstrators 

Clarin (October 14, 2012)

*Original article in Spanish

Students at Claudia Maria Falcone High School in Buenos Aires (Emma Sokoloff-Rubin)

As schools continue to be overtaken by student demonstrators in the city of Buenos Aires, the Ministry of Education has decided to extend this school year in an effort to make up for lost school days. Currently, there are still many schools that have been overtaken by demonstrators who demand an adjournment of the curricular reform proposed by the city of Buenos Aires. Demonstrators are demanding a meeting with the Minister of Education, Esteban Bullrich, to ask that their input be considered in the curricular reform that the government is attempting to implement. This coming Wednesday will mark a month since these demonstrations and school takeovers began.

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