Major Changes for Schools

The Connexion (October 8, 2012)

The educational system in France has seen little change over time, but now President Hollande is making plans for widespread changes, including a four-and-a-half day week and the elimination of homework. The reforms have been introduced as a result of the Refondons l’école Rebuild Education inquiry, a report headed by Christian Forestier, which the government established in July in order to identify problems and solutions in the current system. This report found that “one in three primary pupils was judged as “poor” or “very poor”, one in five left school without real qualifications, and just one in three students gained a degree.” The educational system has therefore been blamed for the country’s high rate of unemployment.

Christian Forestier

The report called for:

  • more welcoming schools
  • respect for “children’s natural rhythms”
  • changes to holidays and length of school days
  • violence prevention
  • good learning habits introduced in early childhood
  • more group work
  • more positive teacher reports
  • an end to repeating classes (considered costly and ineffective)
  • an end to homework

For more information:

François Hollande plans to shake up education system

France’s Hollande promises pupils ‘no more homework’

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