Chile & Haiti

Chilean preschool curriculum to be implemented as public policy in Haiti

Latercera (January 10, 2012)

*link in Spanish

As a result of the work produced by two Early Childhood Education Pilot Programs in Haiti, the Chilean National Intercultural Preschool Education Board (JUNJI), designed a Preschool Curricular Plan for Haiti with the help of the Chilean Agency for International Cooperation (AGCI). This month, AGCI’s executive director, Ambassador Jorge Daccarett, will visit some of the educational establishments before meeting with Haiti’s Education Minister Sr. Vanneur Pierre to advance the implementation of this curricular proposal.

Formal education in Haiti begins at the age of six. Chile’s push for the implementation of preschool establishments began in 2009 with the creation of two Preschool Centers. JUNJI’s vice-president, Maria Francisca Correa, maintains that being able to contribute to the development of this preschool curricular proposal for Haiti is very inspiring since she is convinced of the vital importance of early childhood education.

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