HundrED announces inspiring innovators for 2019

Last week, educators from around the globe convened in Helsinki, Finland for HundrED’s Innovation Summit. HundrED is an organization focused on discovering and sharing scalable innovations in K-12 education throughout the world. The summit featured the announcement of the 100 Inspiring Innovators for 2019 as well as keynote speeches, masterclasses, and workshops from renowned educators such as Pasi Sahlerg and leaders of innovative educational organizations. In this post, we highlight some parts of the summit and feature a few of the organizations included in the 100 Inspiring Innovators for 2019.


In addition to an overview of the summit’s events, HundrED provided:

hundred image

Among the organizations included in the 100 Inspiring Innovators for 2019:

Big Picture Learning (Rhode Island, USA)

“We at Big Picture Learning stand for unbridled, fearless curiosity and we will continue, as we always have, to foster learning spaces which create the wake in which students can freely, and with courage, pursue their passions and interests”

Elliot Washor, Co-founder Big Picture Learning


Talking Tree hill One Day School (Auckland, New Zealand)

Children spend one day of the school week outside reconnecting to nature and themselves through innovation, imagination and creativity.

Redes de Tutoria (Mexico City, Mexico)

Over the past 20 years, Redes de Tutoría has sought to transform students and teachers by developing tutorial relationships and harnessing the power of one to one dialogue. The Redes de Tutoría approach moves away from the traditional classroom where a teacher delivers standard content for all students to work through at exactly the same pace.  Instead, tutees enjoy greater autonomy and choose what interests them most from a selection of inquiry-based projects called ‘Temas’. Supported by individualized guidance from the teacher, students build on their prior knowledge with self-directed study. Once their study is completed, students reflect on their learning before presenting their Tema to the class. The presentation not only builds confidence and self-esteem but also creates a shared learning culture within the classroom.

Project DEFY: Design Education for Yourself (Bangalore, India)

“We do not want education to be merely a transfer of instruction. Education is a much more interesting process of self-discovery and understanding of local and global surroundings.”

Abhijit Sinha, Founder & Director of Project DEFY


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