Giving Thanks for Work Around the World

With tomorrow’s Thanksgiving holiday in the US, we wanted to highlight opportunities to support some of the organizations that have been part of IEN posts this year.  They provide just a small sample of the many people and programs that are making a difference across the globe.

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Donate to Black Lives Matter here


Inequality, adaptability and survival: A view of the pandemic and school closures from Dignitas’ Deborah Kimathi in Kenya

Donate to Dignitas here


Disruption and Rapid Response: A View of School Closures in Uganda From Educate!

Donate to Educate! here

Global School Leaders

Supporting school leadership around the world: A conversation with Sameer Sampat about the development of Global School Leaders

Donate to Global School Leaders here

Second Chance

A view from Liberia: Abba Karnga Jr. on School Closures and the Pandemic

 Donate to Second Chance here

The Citizens Foundation

A view from The Citizens Foundation in Pakistan: Neha Raheel on school closures and the pandemic

Donate to TCF here

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