2022 in Review: Scanning the End-Of-The-Year Education Headlines

This week, Thomas Hatch looks back at 20222 by rounding up some of the end-of-the-year headlines from sources on education news and research globally and in the US. Next week’s post will look ahead by pulling together some of the education predictions for 2023.

End-of-the-year headlines in education for 2022 include the usual collections of photos, “top” stories, and lists addressing topics like education research, teachers/teaching, education law and educational technology. This year’s collection also includes several stories focusing on a disturbing, but predictable, development – guns have become the number one cause of death for children in the United States – and a number of other articles chronicle the year in COVID-related developments.  

The year in photos:

2022’s 10 Biggest Education Stories, in Photos, Education Week

2022: The year in Chalkbeat photos, Chalkbeat

International headlines:

Key moments of 2022, UNESCO

Top 20 blogs of 2022, Global Partnership for Education

US headlines:

The Teaching Profession in 2022 (in Charts)

The 10 Most Significant Education Studies of 2022, Edutopia

The 8 Most Consequential Developments in Education Law in 2022

Edtech Has Changed Forever — And Not Just By COVID, Tech & Learning

Remembering the startups we lost in 2022, TechCrunch

Headlines on gun violence:

Childhood’s greatest danger: data on kids and gun violence, The New York Times

For much of the nation’s history, disease was the No. 1 killer of children. Then America became the land of the automobile, and by the 1960s, motor-vehicle crashes were the most common way for children to die. Twenty years ago, well after the advent of the seatbelt, an American child was still three times as likely to die in a car accident as to be killed by a firearm. We’re now living in the era of the gun.

Childhood’s greatest danger: data on kids and gun violence, The New York Times

Child and Teen Firearm Mortality in the U.S. and Peer Countries

Matt McGoughKrutika AminNirmita Panchal , and Cynthia Cox

School Shootings in 2022: How Many and Where, EducationWeek

COVID-19 & Changes in Education

14 Charts that Changed How We Think about COVID and Schools, The74

45% of Public Schools Don’t Have Full Teaching Staffs, National Center for Education Statistics

Shortages of staff and equipment continue to plague schools, new data shows , The Washington Post

Teen Brains Changed During COVID, Axios

The ‘New Normal’: National Survey Shows Mental Health Now Top Learning Obstacle, The74

COVID Hurt Student Learning: Key Findings From a Year of Research, Education Week

Academic rebounding in reading and math continued in fall 2022; however, rebounding is not even across school years and summers, especially in reading.
The youngest students in the sample (current third graders who were kindergartners when the pandemic began) have the largest reading declines and showed the least rebounding.

Signs of Academic Rebounding Emerge, But Concerns Remain, NWEA  

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