Around the World Responses to The World Bank’s Report Missed Opportunities : The High Cost of Not Educating Girls



Photo Credit: The World Bank

Last week, the World Bank released a report, the High Cost of Not Educating Girls, which looks at the economic consequences of girls in low-income countries not completing primary and secondary school. The press release states, “Limited educational opportunities for girls and barriers to completing 12 years of education cost countries between $15 trillion and $30 trillion in lost lifetime productivity and earnings.”  The report goes on to explain:

Too many girls drop out of school prematurely, especially in low income countries. Low educational attainment for girls has negative consequences not only for them, but also for their children and household, as well as for their community and society. This study documents the potential impacts of educational attainment for girls and women in six domains: (1) earnings and standards of living; (2) child marriage and early childbearing; (3) fertility and population growth; (4) health, nutrition, and well-being; (5) agency and decision-making; and (6) social capital and institutions. The results are sobering: the potential economic and social costs of not educating girls are large

The report also looks at positive effects of girls’ education, which include “a wide range of social and economic benefits for the girls themselves, their children and their communities. These include near-elimination of child marriage, lowering fertility rates by a third in countries with high population growth, and reducing child mortality and malnutrition.”

A scan of headlines around the world shows the figures on the economic loss have captured the attention of many.  In contrast to previous scans of headlines following the release of results of international tests like PISA, PIRLS and TIMMS, however, this scan turned up few mentions in the press in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia or other OECD countries other than Japan.

Failure to educate girls could cost world $30 trillion a year: report
Japan Times


Not educating girls costs global economy $15-30 trillion
Times of India


World Bank blames global economic loss on undereducated girls


Not educating girls costs world trillions in lost earnings
The Arab Weekly


Global Cost of Not Educating Girls Is $15-30 Trillion: World Bank
The Wire


Not educating girls costs countries trillions of dollars― World Bank
The Exchange (East Africa’s Investment Gateway)

Report: Failure to educate girls could cost world US$30t a year


Africa: Just 40 percent of poor girls complete primary education – WB
Journal du Cameroun


Not educating girls globally costs USD 15-30 trillion, says World Bank
Financial Express


Lack of education for girls costs global economy USD 15-30 tn: World Bank
Devdiscourse – Discourse on Development


Lack of girls’ education costs countries trillions of dollars
Kuwait News Agency (KUNA)


Not educating girls costs countries trillions of dollars – World Bank report
My Joy Online (Ghana)


Failure to educate girls could cost world $30 trillion: report



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