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Bishops oppose axeing [sic] class religion rule
Donnelly, K.  The Independent (11 April 2012)

Although they broadly support recent education proposals by Education Minister Ruairi Quinn, bishops in Ireland “are opposed to the proposed scrapping of an old primary school rule, Rule 68, that states religion should underpin every aspect of daily school life.”  Quinn established the Forum on Patronage and Pluralism, which issued a report suggesting that eliminating Rule 68 will allow further respect for Ireland’s increasingly diverse population.  Finn said, “We live in a changed and changing nation. There is a general acceptance that a greater diversity of primary schooling is necessary and I welcome the readiness among partners to embrace this.”  Father Michael Drumm, secretary of the Catholic Schools Partnership, believes the rule can be rephrased but not deleted entirely.  This is a contentious issue, as most schools in Ireland are state-funded but Catholic run.