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Multilingualism as a resource at school (in German)
Leonhartsberger, S.  Orf  (28 June 2012)

24 percent of Austrian students in primary school have a first language other than German.  In Vienna, an even greater number (53 percent) have a first language other than German.  Most of these students speak Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, Turkish, Albanian, Chechen, Russian, or Arabic.  Despite the increase in German as a second language students, a recent study reveals that teachers still consider the German language as their main focus in class.  According to Barbara Buchholz, author of the study, only 42 percent of the teachers said that they think that multilingual education is reasonable and necessary. However, teachers are left alone with the multilingual challenge in class and they have never learned how to deal with 15 languages in one classroom, says linguist Hans-Jürgen Krumm.  “The majority [of teachers] cannot cope,” according to Krumm.  In addition, others criticize the short period in which students learn in their native language, with the primary focus instead being on German as a second language.

South Korea

Korea to support multicultural children
Lee Woo-young, The Korea Herald (12 March 2012)

“The Education Ministry announced Monday that it would establish more preparatory schools to help children from multicultural families learn the Korean language and culture before they enter regular public school,” according to the article.  Prep schools currently offer basic language and culture courses before entering the public school system.  The Education Ministry will also ensure that Korean as a Second Language is offered in public schools. “As a part of this effort, the ministry plans to increase dual-language instructors tenfold from 120 this year to 1,200 in 2015 so that there will be at least one such teacher assigned to every 50 students.”