Mathematics Boost for Teachers

Niklas Arevik, Lärarnas Nyheter (October 1, 2012)

*Original article in Swedish

Photo: Lena Granefelt /imagebank.sweden.se

More lessons and more active and varied teaching from teachers are the main features of Sweden’s new “Mathematics Initiative.” This fall, The Swedish National Agency for Education is prescribing measures to reverse the negative trend of Swedish pupils’ mathematical skills. International comparisons show that Swedish students have less instructional time in math than the average among EU and OECD countries. Government has directed the National Agency for Education to examine how mathematics teaching can be expanded and improved. The result is the “Mathematics Initiative,” starting on a trial basis in 33 selected schools in October.

For more information:

Mathematics Initiative (in Swedish)

Billions to stop Sweden’s maths skills slide (in English)

Education in Sweden: Lessons for Life (in English)

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