Poverty conference calls for a socio-economic index to support schools

Johann Bacher

Johann Bacher (February 26, 2013)

Johann Bacher, sociologist at the University of Lintz, called for index-based resource funding for schools at this year’s Austrian Poverty Conference.  According to Bacher, this method of funding would focus on socioeconomic disparities and compensate for social segregation in Austrian schools. Four variables (parent level of education, occupation, migration background and language spoken at home) would inform decisions about which schools receive additional government funding; however, schools would have the power to decide independently how best to use the money. The index would support weak students and strengthen the attractiveness of these schools for parents with higher income. The Federal Ministry for Education, Arts, and Culture (BMUKK) has expressed concern over the implementation of the index and feels that they are already dealing with the issue.

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