Viennese reading test: Every Fifth Student Reads Poorly

Bernadette Bayrhammer, Die Presse (May 20th, 2013)

SCHULPSYCHOLOGEN-HELFEN-BEI-ZEUGNISANGST_1369933642716572The results of this year’s Viennese reading tests are similar to those of previous years – with a little bit of hope. Approximately one in five 10-to 14-year-old student is a poor reader. In elementary school, the group of pupils at risk has declined by two percentage points, and remained about the same size at the academic secondary school and lower secondary school. About 40 percent of students in grade 4 and grade 8 are good readers.

For the test, 15,000 children fourth graders and 16,000 eighth graders were tested the third time. In addition, students who had performed poorly in elementary school in 2012 were tested, and these students provide positive messages. Students who were particularly poor readers in the previous year and were promoted, did well this year: 60 percent reached a higher reading level, and about four percent are now even considered strong readers. For this reason, there is hope that special promotion can work.

For more information:

Educational Standards first tested in Primary School

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