Headlines Around the World: Back to School 2019 Edition

Schools around the world start at different times of year (this Wikipedia page offers a calendar with a partial list). Like many other places, schools here in New York City start in September. This week, we are continuing a yearly IEN tradition of gathering headlines from different places around the world that discuss the start of a new school year. IEN’s Aidi Ban has also contributed a number of fascinating stories about students heading back to school in China.



Mexico City Begins School Year With New Gender Neutral Uniform Policy (WBUR)
School started last week in Mexico City and with the new school year comes a new policy. Students can wear whatever they want, regardless of their gender. But that doesn’t sit well with everyone.

Photos from Omar Martinez of the 1st Day of School In Tijuana

United States

Have You Heard Podcast — The Back to School Episode
School can be a tough, even traumatic place for students and teachers alike. Four teachers tell Have You Heard what they’re doing to change that.

Larry Cuban on Seating Charts and the Grammar of Schooling

Migrant Children Separated From Parents Experienced Severe Trauma, Government Watchdog Finds. Here’s What That Means for America’s Schools (the74) A reminder of the trauma many migrant youth face as they head back to school

First Day Jitters Of A Different Kind: A Guatemalan Boy Begins School In Cincinnati (Cincinnati Public Radio)
A similar story, but about an individual student’s journey and experiences on the first day of school



New semester starts in China (from Xinhua Net)
Photos and stories of students heading back to school

Randomized School Admissions Rattle Shanghai’s Rat Race (from Sixth Tone)
Admissions concerns as students head back to school (or start school)

School’s Out for Prolonged Summer of Hong Kong Protests (Wall Street Journal)
As students head back to school, protests continue in Hong Kong

Students Boycott Classes on the First Day of the School Year in Hong Kong’s Latest Democracy Protest (Time)
A similar article, specifically discussing boycotting schools


New School Year Begins Today In Greece (Greek City Times)
A welcome back and overview of the school calendar in Greece


How much these Canadians spent on back-to-school shopping (Global News Canada)
An analysis of Canadian spending on back-to-school items

Ontario educational workers hold strike vote as students head back to school (Global News Canada)

Back to school: Toronto volunteers pack supplies for kids in shelters  (News Toronto)

Czech Republic

“According to the latest Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study, fewer Czech pupils say ‘Yes’ when asked “Do you like to go to school?””

International Headlines

A Request to All Kids Going Back to School (Thrive Global)

The back-to-school question some believe we should ditch (BBC)
Exploring why teachers should stop asking “what did you do on summer break?”


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