Going Back to School Has Never Been Quite Like This (Part 2): Quarantines, Shortages, Wildfires & Hurricanes

In the second part of this “Back to School” series, Thomas Hatch scans some of the headlines that highlight the many challenges that are contributing to problems at the start of the school year in the US. Part 1 links to articles with some lessons from last year and guidance for reopening schools this year. Later posts will include school reopening headlines from other parts of the world as well. Take a look at IEN’s “Back to School” headlines from 2020, from 2019, and from 2018 to see how this year compares.

Glimpses of How Pandemic America Went Back to School, New York Times

Returns to school, return to quarantine

At least 90,000 students have had to quarantine because of COVID-19 so far this school year, The Hill

Schools grapple with thousands in isolation or quarantine as delta variant rages, NBC News

Tens Of Thousands Of School Children Already In Covid Quarantine—20,000 In Mississippi Alone, Forbes

Over 10,000 students in Florida school district isolated or quarantined a week into school year, ABC News

Thousands of Students, Teachers Quarantined as School Year Starts — Many in States With Low Vaccination Rates, Anti-Mask Rules, The 74

Shortages of Teachers

Between COVID-19 and layoffs, schools may not have enough teachers to get through the year, USA Today

Not enough subs: California schools face severe teacher shortage, Cal Matters

Shortages of Nurses

Despite extra funding, Denver schools don’t have enough nurses, Chalkbeat

Shortages of Bus Drivers & Transportation Problems

Transportation problems complicate another start of the school year for Seattle Public Schools, The Seattle Times

Bus problems return as Worcester public students start new school year, Spectrum News 1

Boston city councilors, union members fuming over school bus ‘fiasco’ as first day of school arrives, Boston Herald

National Survey Finds Severe And Desperate School Bus Driver Shortage, NPR

Chicago School Bus Drivers Have Quit In Droves Over COVID Vaccine Mandate, NPR

Bus Driver Shortage Leaves Some Florida Students Waiting for Hours, Orlando Sentinel

Wildfires & Hurricanes

Wildfires delay beginning of school year for some rural California schools, some for the second year, EdSource

Quarter of a Million Students Face New Hurdles in Wake of Hurricane Ida, Education Week

Ida deals new blow to Louisiana schools struggling to reopen, Miami Herald

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